Three Years.


 And here we are, gathered together again three years later.  I like to think that during this little moment, you and I are once again gathered together under the white lights, rain gently falling from the sky, laughing, dancing, enjoying mexican food and drinks from a coffeehouse.  Yes, three years ago was magical.  Dane and I agreed to forever do life together and you all agreed to support us in that.  It truly was a holy and beautiful day.

But I think what we took from our day, is the love that surrounds us.  We have the joy of doing life with some of the most amazing people...back then and even now.  So here are a few pics that haven't been shared on the world wide web yet, but definitely need to be seen!  

 So here we go, on to year four.  I am so blessed to do life with you Dane Wutke.  It is nothing short of adventurous and exciting!  I can't wait for the bright beautiful future!
Wanna see more from the Wutke Wedding?  Just click the word wedding below and go back to revisit some of our favorite memories!

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