Hello Sailor. Christy's October Picks


Well, its October. Officially my favorite month of the year.  It's only day 2 and has already been fabulous.

What have I loved about the past two days:
- On my drive to KC I was intoxicated with the colours of the trees surrounding me
- My Royals are in the postseason. Intently watching the first game tonight!!!
- It has rained all day.  The smell in the air is just delicious.
- I met my new little friend Daxton Krizan.  He da bes!
- Breaking out the scarves as the cooler weather rolls in.
- And then this...all the great new stuff in store this month at Hello Sailor.  Here are my in store picks for October.

 I'm a sucker for a good vintage clock and we have about 30 in store this month!  Be still my heart.

 I can't say no to anything that is industrial and has compartments.  
These are HUGE wire baskets.  They would be great for shoes, winter scarves/hats/gloves. Adorable with gourds and pumpkins.  Perfect for corralling blankets in a living room.  Fabulous next to a fireplace with fresh cut logs.  You get the picture.
This industrial work bench.  
 This bead board table is 8 feet long.  I think long tables are the best.  And these amazing chairs.
 They are so simple to create.  I tell ya what, I need to own a table saw so I can create these sorts of goodies.
 Old Milk Jug Baskets.  The green handles make me happy.
 This table is narrow and would be perfect behind a sofa or in front of a window.  Super cute and I love the lower shelf.

 This light is absolutely stunning.  You just need to see it in person.
 I am in love with this collection of wooden bowls.  I love the idea of filling them with succulents.
 Loving this cat ring holder.  I've been looking for great ways to organize my rings, but in order to hold all of mine, its tail would have to go to the ceiling!
 We have every letter of the alphabet in store this month, and they light up, two of my favorite things combined into one!

 My philosophy: If you are a piece of furniture with wheels, you automatically become fabulous.
 Wooden base lamp.
 Solid Brass Buck.

And finally this wonderfully colourful world map.  

There you go, my picks from Hello Sailor this month.  You can see more of our items in store over on our blog or on our facebook page!  

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