God Was At Work


Recently in my life, I've see a lot of miracles.

- My friend's dad had a large lump on his thyroid.  Doctors were certain it was cancer.  Prayers went up. When they went in to do the surgery they found nothing that resembled cancer.  Even after doing a biopsy on the lump he was deemed cancer free.  Doctors were shocked.  Those of us who faithfully prayed knew that God was at work.

- One of my good friends recently had a baby.  There were some medical complications when he was born and the word went out to pray pray pray.  Today he is healthy, happy, and oh so cute!  We knew God was at work.

- At our church's World Market my friend was working with Compassion International in hope of getting children to be sponsored.  Last year her booth was overlooked by many people.  Prayers went up that people would be drawn to her booth with a heart for this ministry and the desire to literally change a child's life for only $38 a month.  I found myself specifically praying that 5 children would be sponsored as a result of this event.  Tonight I got a message the the fifth child had been sponsored and tears of joy streamed down my face because I knew that this was a result of God at work.

I tell you these stories for a reason tonight.  Because sometimes in life we need to be reminded that miracles do happen in our world today.  God is at work.  He is faithful to hear our prayers. He is alive and moving and working.  No prayer is too big for Him.  No prayer too small for Him.  His name is greater than every situation.  Greater than cancer.  Greater than sickness.  Greater than poverty.  Greater than unemployed.  Greater than divorce.  Greater than hate.  Greater than death.

Tonight, I also received another message. One of my dear dear friends, who has been in remission had his cancer return. So I ask you all tonight to please lift up my friend and lift up your own situations to Him, remembering & praising Him for the times He has been faithful, and trusting that He will move and work for the best in every situation.

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