Paper Calendars & Making Memories


When I was a kid, every December my parents would get my brothers and I a special gift on December 1st.  This gift was simple, probably didn't cost much, and was made of paper.  This gift was an advent calendar.  I remember waking up each day before school and meeting my brother at the calendar.  We would hunt for the number that corresponded with the day and then pry open the perforated edges to reveal a new little scene in the Christmas Story.  I also remember arguing over who would get to open the Christmas Day window, which I knew would reveal the baby Jesus.  I always let my brothers win this battle, knowing this was in a way, my own little Christmas gift to them.

Now days there are all sorts of creative ways that families count down the days until Christmas.  Elf on the Shelf, Activity Advent Calendars, A Gift a Day.  What I have noticed is that most of these things are aimed at kids and making the season magical for them.  They are also often complicated and time consuming to create.

So I got to thinking, wouldn't it be fun to have a way for adults to count down to Christmas?  I mean, I love kids and all, but right now Dane and I are living the kid free life.  Or maybe you're at college living with 5 other friends.  Or maybe you've got a group of people in your life who you love and adore and just want to have some holiday fun with.  Well for you adults who love the magic of Christmas, I've created a project for you.

Now it might not be as awesome as opening 25 little perforated windows, but it does have a sense of excitement and adventure, plus its pretty simple.

Just make a list of 25 things you want to do throughout December, cut them apart into 25 pieces and put them in a jar.  You can even use your jar of fun as a Christmas decoration in your house.  Ours is on a shelf in our living room next to some other fun decor.  Each day draw a slip of paper out of the jar, and then go have fun!  You can enjoy the activities with your friend, bf/gf, spouse, cousins, housemate, grandparents, or even get the kids involved.

Don't forget to grab the camera and document some of your fabulous fun!

Can't think of 25 things to do together?  Well I've create this "Nice" list for you.  Simply print, cut and paste!

I hope you all have a fabulous December and make some new memories with the people in your life.

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