Gifts That Give Back: For the Ladies


We all love giving and getting gifts during the Christmas Season.  So often we buy gifts for the sake of buying, but what if we all committed to having our money make a difference this Christmas Season?  Instead of buying junk, what if we committed to buying something that brings opportunity to those here in the USA and around the world?

In previous posts I shared about the world market my church put on in November.  During that time I began to do a lot of research into fair trade products and products that, not only would I enjoy but would also love to give to others.  So the idea of "Gifts that Give" was born.  As we lead up to Christmas, I'll be stopping by to share 3 posts about Gifts that Give.  Today we begin with the ladies and in the coming days I'll share gifts for the gents, and gifts for the kiddies.  All of the gifts featured here are from companies that either support fair trade, fair working conditions, make a difference in the lives of people or provide ethical economic opportunities to the impoverished around the world.

So I hope you'll check some of the products out.  I've provided links to the websites where you can find these items and encourage you to surf their webpages.  You'll be amazed at what all is out there, and maybe even try to buy at least one gift that makes a difference this Christmas season.

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

1. clutch
2. bangles
4. candle
5. scarf
8. basket
9. bowl

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