The Most Wonderful.


I am so enchanted by autumn.  The past few weeks have been full of inspiration.  The perfect smell of leaves.  Cozy scarfs.  Cool Mornings.  Warm hugs.  Colorful Scenes.  Sweet Treats.  Good Friends.

I feel like we've been so busy taking it all in, that we've neglected to record those memories in this little space.  Here are some of our favorite moments from Autumn 2014.

Early in the month I got to meet baby Daxton Krizan.  It was so much fun to see this lil bundle of joy!  Congrats to his fabulous parents Chad & Caylyn!
Dane and I celebrated three years of marriage with a little weekend getaway to Kansas City.  Yes. Those fountains are blue...GO ROYALS!  We've spent most of our October watching the Royals in the postseason.  It was the best baseball I've seen in my life!  Hopefully many more "best games" to come!
 Dane surprised me with a bouquet of flowers that looked a lot like my wedding bouquet.  My heart was so full at his thoughtfulness.
While in Kansas City we stayed at Crown Center and just enjoyed exploring the city together.  We have a new favorite spot, Thou Mayest.  A fabulous cup of coffee, friendly people, and surroundings that are just perfect!

 We've been exploring parts of our city and found this little spot. 

 Dane went to UPS driving school.  As a result, the beard had to go bye bye.  UPS does allow mustaches.  They may regret that.  This picture just brings me so much joy for so many reasons!
While Dane was at driving school.  I spent a week in Clay Center with the family.  I think Clay Center is just gorgeous in the autumn.  I feel like there are so many little spots that look like they could have come straight from a movie.  I enjoyed several walks through my quaint little hometown.

 So I don't mean to be creepy in taking pictures of people's houses, but these are two of my favorites in CC and I couldn't help but snap some pics of them & all their autumn glory!

My mama's front porch was just a cheery little spot.  She does such a good job decorating...I really should have captured all of that cuteness for you.  Instead, I would recommend just stopping by to enjoy it for yourself.  Tell her I sent you...and if you ask real nicely I bet she would make you a hot grilled cheese or fresh donuts!
And these two kids.  They make me happy.  We had a night of pumpkin carving.  Check out their masterpieces!
Most recently Dane and I have been working on our Operation Christmas Child Box.  This is probably the best gift we will give all year.  It is so simple.  Just fill a shoebox with items for a child.  Then Operation Christmas Child will deliver it to a child who wouldn't have gotten a Christmas present if it wasn't for this mission.  If you would like to do your own, it isn't too late.  Just check out their site here!

There were so many other great moments that we've simply failed to capture via camera.  Like our friend Rebecca coming to town, Brock & Brittany's Pittsburg weekend, our lunches with the grandmas, watching baseball with Dane's parents,  or nights at our connect group.  Just makes me want to take more pictures!

I am sure many more memories are to come.  I hope you are all doing fabulous as well.  Thanks so much for stopping in and Happy Autumn Everyone!

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