Christy's November Hello Sailor Picks.


 It is hard to believe November is already here.  I am up here in Kansas City documenting all the goodies arriving in store at Hello Sailor, and am stopping in to give you some of my favorite picks this month.  Like this curved sofa.  Dane and I are still on the search for a sofa for our home.

 City Scape Painting makes me miss you Drew Wutke!
 I love long tables.
 These chairs date back to 1947.

 How adorable are these homemade sock stick horses?
I realize this is simple and easy to create...syrup bottle+rusty nails.  But something about it just registers with me.
I've really been into random industrial pieces off of machines and such.  This is an old wheel of a wheel borrow!
 I've always been a sucker for vintage Christmas.  I can't help but think of John Jensen when I see this.  In fact, I may even pick up the little guy, because I'm pretty sure John has him in his window every single year.  And according to my Christmas Light rating scale for houses...John just does it right.  
Industrial. Check. Wheels. Check.  Little compartments inside to give everything the perfect home...BONUS!

 Ok usually I am not a Santa...Stanta (inside joke)...Satan (thank you church lady) fan.  In fact, tonight I just had a discussion about Santa vomit with a friend on pinterest.  (yes you can have discussions on pinterest)  But something about this jolly vintage version makes it all ok.
 GLOBES!  Thanks to Mama Wutke we've began our collection!
 Someday I want to own a table with leaves.   We love having people over, and I would love to have this little table, that I could easily create into a giant table to accommodate.
And to wrap up November...why not get ready for December?  Silver trees...They have always made my heart smile.

If you would like to see more from Hello Sailor, you should stop by our facebook page.  I'm always putting up new pictures of fabulous items arriving in store.

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