We All Want To Change the World


We all want to change the world, but doing so begins with changing the lives of a few, which can then grow to many, and soon a revolution is on its way. 

This Friday, at LifeTrack Christian Church we want to begin by helping change the lives of a few in hope that it will soon grow to something so much more by putting on a Fair Trade Market.  Our goal is to offer products that are made in an ethical and fair manner, where the creators of the products have been treated with respect and dignity.  

The market represents 10 different organizations including:

Infinity Water
as well as our very own Sidewalk Cafe

What I love so much about this, is that none of the money comes back to benefit the church or us as individuals.  It is all going back to the organizations to help them continue doing the awesome work that they do!  

Here's a little glimpse into our world market as well as a peek at  some of the fun products we have for sale!  

The booth I am doing is for Hand in Hand Soap.  I fell in love with this organization because the concept is so simple.  People all over the world die simply because they don't have the ability to stop the spread of diseases.  One of the easiest ways to prevent this, is by simply washing your hands with soap and clean water.  When you purchase one bar of soap, Hand in Hand gives a bar of soap and a month of clean water to a child in need.  They have also began bringing permanent solutions to the water crisis by digging clean water wells in countries like Haiti.  I mean how simple is it?  By a bar of soap and literally save a life!  

And that's just my little story.  If you come by the market be sure to ask the person in each booth about the organizations they represent.  The stories are incredible.  How something so simple truly brings a change to people's lives!




And don't forget to stop by our World Market Photo Booth and document all of the fun you have!

We also have an amazing sidewalk cafe with lots of delicious goodies to enjoy and you can take home a bag of fair trade coffee!  

Buy purchasing an item from our market, you will change the life of someone.  The more items purchased, the more lives that are changed.  And who knows...maybe by the end of this weekend, we may change a small bit of this world!

We will see you Friday November 14th
Lifetrack Christian Church
1068 Hwy 69
Frontenac, KS

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