A Wedding Story: The Get Away Car


My dad drove a hot car back in the day.  A 1969 GTO.  When he was dating my mom he would pull into the grandparent's lane that was about 1/8 mile long and grandma would always say "Bevin's coming, the dishes are rattling in the cupboards."  Then they got married and this car was the beauty they left the church in.  

For years this precious automotive gem sat in the barn at my grandpa Schreefer's farm. But when my brother Eric married his lovely wife Nicole, the GTO was resurrected.  As far as Eric knew, Dad was going to do just enough to get it running so they could drive it on their wedding day.  But Dad surprised Eric by fully restoring the Goat.  Oh what a fun day, and Eric & Nicole drove the shiny like new car away from the church on their wedding day.

The tradition continued with Dane and I!  Yes, the GTO was our wedding day get away car.  Dane was so giddy to drive it, and of course, I am quite nostalgic, so I loved the tradition and story behind it.  Yes GTO, you are the true love machine!

Now go burn some rubber,
The Kids Down Under

Pictures 1, 2 & 3 by the lovely and wonderful Stephanie from Brown Bag Photography.  Check out more of her work here.

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