5 Things


Five things you should currently know about this guy:

1) He got a job this week for an audio/visual company and we are so incredibly thankful and excited about it!

2) He taught Christy how to throw a rugby ball correctly this evening.

3) His latest craze has been playing war commander, watching the bachelor with the wifey, and he got a new iphone.  His lifetime crazes: cocoa cola, tortillas, and cheese.

4) He bowled a 181 a couple weeks ago.

5) He was a champion and played basketball last night at 10:15pm after eating all you can eat pizza, pasta, and soft drink.  Plus two churros for dessert.

I love you Dane Wutke!


  1. Hey, Congratulations on the new job! That's awesome!

  2. Thanks Joycey!! We miss you and the T-Man. Wish you could experience what we are experiencing. Truly is life-changing. Hope you're well!