Dating on a Budget


We have been living in Australia for one year and eight months now.  Three things you should know about Australia.  It is beautiful, the people here are wonderful, and it is super expensive.  We're talking $20 for a 24 pack of coke expensive.  (Needless to say, our soft drink habits have been knocked down a couple notches).

But no need for a lack of funds to allow the romance to fly out the window, here are a few of our dating on a budget ideas.

1. Parks.  They are free.  They are lovely.  And they are designed to entertain you.  Last weekend we stopped by a park near our house and went for a hike, played on the toys, took some ridiculous pictures, collected flowers, laughed, and had really good conversation.

2.  Candlelight Dinner Date:  First off, cook dinner together.  It can be as fancy (Chicken Vol Au Vent served with crushed garlic herb potatoes and a glass of shiraz) or as simple (PB&J with cokes) as you like.  Its not about the food, it is all about the mood.  Now, grab a bunch of mason jars (or old spaghetti jars, because that's how we roll) and put candles in them.  Put them everywhere.  The great thing about this date is it is portable.  A blanket in your backyard, a picnic bench at a park, or a field in the middle of nowhere.

3. Fort Night:  Take a page from your childhood and build a blanket fort together.  Yes, go grab the sheets off your bed (come on you know you didn't make it this morning anyways), a couple of clothes pegs and you have yourself a legit night of laughter and fun.  Bonus points if you sleep in your blanket fort that night (wedding rings required of course).

4. Dance:  I'm not talking bump and grind here.  Our grandparents were the kings and queens of some of the greatest dances of all time.  The jive, jitterbug, swing, polka, rumba, tango, waltz, foxtrot, square dancing, charleston, line dancing, the macarena :)  There are endless dance lesson videos available on youtube.  So pick one and go for it.  Plus you will be sure to make a splash at the next wedding you attend together.

5. "Drive In" Movie:  Yes, the movies are expensive, but Red Box (or if you live in Australia, Green Box) is not.  Go pick up a movie you have both been dying to see but didn't make it to theaters for, or a classic you have sitting on your shelves.  Now grab your laptop and drive somewhere cool, park, and enjoy.  Don't forget the snacks.  Popcorn is super cheap to make at home, some candy from the Dollar store, and a couple soft drinks from the machine or the fountain and you are ready to go.

Don't have a partner in life, don't fret.  These make great BFF dates as well.  Life is always better when we have good relationships with those we love, whether it be spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, family members, or friends.  So take some time out, make a memory, and don't forget to let us know how it goes!

Love You All!
The Kids Down Under

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