Weekend Moments


What made this weekend great:
* Saturday night dinner date at Outback Steakhouse.  We brake for free refills and free bread.

* Napoleon Dynamite was on TV tonight.  I still love that movie.  Secretly you know you do too.

* Hillsong announced they are adding another room to the house.  Are you ready for it....Hillsong LA!

* Made this delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Score bonus points by adding caramel AND chocolate chips to the batter.  Thank you Martha.

* Coconut Lime scented candles.

* Watching Skyfall and Coldplay's Live DVD.

* Scored the highest Bejeweled Blitz score of my life with Dane by my side.  842,900

* Diversity nights began at church with Islander Night.  I will never get tired of watching the Haka.  Click here to watch a haka.

* Wildcat victory #emaw

* Dane worked a marathon of hours.  He is a legend.

* Words I needed to be reminded of:  "the joy of the Lord is my strength."

* Watching puppy predictor videos.  Here's one to wet your whistle.

* In a few short hours we will be waking up at 3:00am to stream the first regular season game of the KC Chiefs.  Go Chiefs!

* Tomorrow = Beach Day

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
xoxo The Kids Down Under

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