Celebrating Creativity


Hi everyone!  Just stopping in to share some youtube videos that I have found super creative lately and I hope you do too!

Starting off with this video from Chipotle.  Chipotle has always had beyond creative add campaigns from what is written on their paper cups to the signs in the parking lots "our burritos are big but our parking lots are not."  And not that Chipotle really needs to advertise, the food speaks for itself, but I like to think they are just in the business of making smiles so they created this.  Oh I should also thank Fiona Apple for a beautiful rendition of "True Imagination."

Kids are some of the most creative people in the world and they inspire and teach me so much.  This is my pastor's four year old daughter.  She came up with the idea to teach the children of the world, and this is my favorite video she has done.

And now that you are laughing uncontrollably (yes it is ok to watch that one again) I will end with this one, which is a simple reminder that there is good in people.  This is such a creative story.  It warms my heart.

 Thanks for watching/reading.  I hope we brought a smile to your face today and sparked some creativity.

Love always,
The Kids Down Under

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