The Grounds of Alexandria


We had the most amazing little day trip today to The Grounds of Alexandria.  The place takes up a city block and they have utilized the space by creating lots of great little outdoor "pop up shops" where you can enjoy fresh pastries, grab a take away coffee or drink, help yourself to some fresh lemonade, hang out with the animals including a cute little friendly pig named "Kevin Bacon," a kids playing area titled "The Secret Garden," (if they only knew what we used that term for) and even an onsite florist.  The place is hopping, so while you wait for your table you have plenty to do and see.  Onsite are gardens where fresh herbs are grown and used in the kitchen.  They also roast their own coffee there as well.  The concept is beautiful, just keep your customers happy and they are coming back for more.

We drank rose lemonade, and yes, I am going to learn to make this and when you come visit us in the future, I will make it for you.

If I was a bee, I would chose poppies as well.  

Be sure to check out their photo gallery and if you live in the Sydney area, add this to your must do list.

Love, The Kids Down Under

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