Christmas At Hello Sailor- Christy's December Picks


It's my favorite time of year!  I love the lights, the sparkle, the cozy fires, and Hello Sailor has not disappointed.  While I was working today a guy walked in and said to me, "you all have transformed this place into a beautiful Christmas scene."  I couldn't agree more.  It has been a fun month at the shop.  And I'm here tonight to share some of my favorites with you!
This green cabinet has a barn wood top and is on wheels!
This has got to be the perfect little fireplace set up.  The large Christmas tree canvas...well it glows in the dark...and it is coming home with me...seriously.  It is in my car right now!
The perfect yellow!  And check out how cute those vintage wooden bowling pins are.
 Outerspace Thermos. Ummm. Yes!
Gorgeous lines to these chairs.
I love this because my Grandma Beb used to have games just like this one.  I'm pretty sure us cousins played them until they broke.
 This is a mail sorter...also coming home with me.  It was such a fabulous price, I couldn't pass it up.  It is going to hang on my wall in my office and make my life super organized!  I can't wait!  Hopefully Dane picked up that drill at Home Depot today :)

 The transistor radio.  I'm all about the little pouch.  And you are going to see glass domes over all of my Christmas decor this year!  What a fun idea!

Don't ask.  Since when did I get into taxidermy?  Not going to lie, if he was mine, he would have jewelry hanging from those antlers.
I want every single thing in this picture.  The driftwood vase, the plaza poster, the table, the oval wooden dough bowl.
 Isn't this just the cutest?

This table is even more gorgeous in person.  Seriously, this picture does NOT do it justice!  

 Dane and I don't have our own personal stockings at our house yet.  Kind of loving the creamy vintage look!

This table is amazing! It is long, skinny, and really thin.  I know exactly where I would put it in my house, but sadly, I left the CRV with Dane.  

If you would like to shop Hello Sailor, we are open this weekend, Friday-Sunday.  It is so much fun!  Want to see more items from our store, check out our Facebook page!

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