Take a Peek Into My Journal


One of my favorite hobbies is art journaling.  Art journaling is like a combination of scrapbooking and journaling.  It is one of my favorite ways to preserve moments in time and is fun to look back on and see where my heart was at during a certain time in life.  I have been taking a class online that offers different challenges and topics for each page created.  Sadly the class is no longer open, but this is a similar class and I hope to take it as soon as I am finished with this one!     I have shared several pages on our blog in the past, and thought it was time for another page update.  Some of these pages are from our time in Australia, and some I have made since returning home.  So here you go, a peek into my life via my art journal:

For this page, I was challenged to mix patterns of paper.  I had lots of little scraps that I loved and thought it was great how they fit together.  I was also supposed to write a note to someone.  I created this page for my love Dane.  I laughed when I found this drawing of a bearded tattooed man, and it pretty much sums up my feelings for my man, he is my amazing friend.  It was the perfect find!

For this page we were to pick one word that is speaking into our lives.  At this moment my prayers had revolved around the word freedom.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.  I was also challenged to stitch on the page.  Instead of using thread I decided to use cording to add an earthy affect to the pages. I'm a big fan of anything natural or earthy on journaling pages.

For this page I was challenged to practice and use my own handwriting to create a title and to add an envelope on the page to store letters and mementos.  I dedicated this page to my beautiful mama.  Inside the pocket I included a note as well as all the notes she wrote me while we were in Australia.  Dane and I treasured notes from friends and family and so I thought it would be fun to have a special place to store these.  And yes that's my mom's senior picture.  Oh my goodness I love it but I also love how much I look like her...glasses, hair and all!
 This challenge was one that made me super nervous because drawing is not my strong suit, but I ended up loving how it turned out.  I was to create a comic strip of my day.  My favorite square on the entire page...waking up to a cockatoo!  I loved having a "normal" day of my life in Australia documented in such a way.
For these pages I had lots of challenges.  One was to create a frame with fabric and stitch on the page.  I was also challenged to use a picture within a picture and create a double page spread.  I decided to dedicate these pages to my nephew Corbin.  Being an aunt has been one of my favorite parts of 2014, and he's growing so fast, so I wanted to freeze a couple special moments in time.  

And there you have it.  A glimpse into my art journal.  If you would like to see some of my previous work you can check it out here and here and here.  What about you?  What are some of your favorite hobbies?  How do you document moments and memories?  Until next time!  Love y'all!


  1. Christy...thank you so much for sharing! I love your pages. What do you mean, drawing is not your strong suit...you did a great job! I love that idea. Also, I'm going to have to have a talk with Corbin about his dislike of cows! :) I love that photo of your mom also. We exchanged wallet size photos so I have the picture as well as the one in the yearbook. The class you linked to looks good. I love it when you share your art journal pages...thanks again for the smiles and inspiration.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Heather! I so wish you could see Corbin's face when Eric moo's like a cow. But he squeals with delight when my dad oinks like a pig! He's at such a fun age!

  2. I'm finally catching up on my blog reading, and your posts are always my favorite. Everything is so beautiful and creative! Keep up the amazingness, my friend!