Christy's September Hello Sailor Picks


Hi Everyone!  It is First Fridays weekend here in Kansas City, which means I'm busy working at Hello Sailor: taking pictures, posting online, answering your fabulous questions!  There are SO many things I am in love with in store right now.  It may be my favorite month yet....I think that goes through my mind every month!  Lets start out with this brown leather sofa.  I mean, are you kidding me???!!!  This whole scene just makes me smile!  We have some very talented stylists in store!
 So just when I fell in love with the leather sofa, I look up on the wall behind it and there is this incredible photo and Georgetown Pennant.  I don't even like Georgetown but I would hang this in my house!
 So obviously sofas are sort of my thing this month.  I am on the lookout for a vintage yellow sofa, and although this one may be a bit too much of a throw back for me, it just wet my appetite even more! Also LOVING this N & R.  They are the steal of the month too at only $45 a piece.  I love the back story even more.  They came from an old Benjamin Ranch sign.
Some of you are laughing at this right now.  It's an old mechanic's light cover.  I know, you are thinking it looks like trash, but I will probably come home with this, and you will see it on one of my shelves...with a light inside, and then I hope you'll get it!
 Industrial!  Love!  Btw, that's an old train toilet sitting front and center on the top of this piece.  That fact may make me like it even more :)
 If I could get the lenses out of these and put my high dollar lenses in...I WOULD!
 Someday Dane and I are going to own a working record player, and when we do, I want this mid-century record holder in our house.  What do I want even more...the Glenn Miller record sitting in this holder.  It has all my Glenn favorites, Stardust; Moonlight Serenade; Sing, Sing Sing.  Oh I think Glenn's going to have to sing me to sleep tonight!
This is a legit & sign.  Heavy duty and quite affordable.  If I can beat everyone to it, this is coming home with me!
And clocks.  I am a sucker for a good clock, and I think these are fabulous finds.

Speaking of time, it is time for me to get going.  If you want to see even more great items from Hello Sailor you can check out our facebook page!  Just click here, and don't forget to like us to keep up with any additional items we add in store!  Love y'all!

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